Bred by battle rapping in the lunchroom of Thornwood High School near Chicago, Phor is not an accidental rapper. Committed to conscious lyrics that make the listener feel and then act, his sound was formed by leveraging his creativity and significant effort. Phor doesn't just want to make you bob your head, but he wants you to think... and then bob your head.

Seasoned in the industry, Phor was once part of the group-Undahoods. Managed by Da Brat while performing in Atlanta and opening for artist like Cherish, Phor honed his lyricism. Years later he will spend time in New York, fine tuning his art form and learning from industry heavy hitters like Snoop and Juelz Santana.

With five mixtapes under his belt, his music has continually evolved without the crutch of a trend. Timeless sounds are guiding by an art form, his art form, and his need to make you understand how he feels. His live shows share the same passion and enthusiasm, making everyone a fan by the end of the night.

When you hear his music, know that it’s laced with his heart.